Feature Stories



From this September to December 2018, we would collect, edit and write all kinds of articles, interviews, dialogues and researches, which will be published continually on this Feature Stories column, to continue discussion on certain topics related to nationalism. You are also welcomed to join, write or just have a conversation with us.

共同體價值的動員是對我們身體的篡改 ——對話王楚禹

我們是被動的給文化塑造,被意識形態瓜分,我們的身體就是個戰場。我能把這機場的人全部被我的意識形態所壟斷的話,那我就是個教主啊!我佔有了這些人的意識形態的話,我就是權力的獲得者,權力的動員者!所以你說身體是自主的嗎?根本不是。 問:Vivian Cheng 王:王楚禹...