流動的邊界 Drifting Borders

關於國家、身份、個體的藝術計劃 An Art Project about Nation, Identity and the Individual






Buried as we are beneath a thousand strata of discourse about nations and ethnic groups, we have never been able to imagine the ‘common’ of the ‘community’ as something beyond national borders. In reality, there has never been such a thing as natural Hong Kong-ers, Chinese, mainlanders, Taiwanese. Continued emphasis on borders leaves both the establishment and its opposition stuck in traps of identification and recognition, and those who live within borders are continually subject to categorization and division. Across history, politics, geography and culture, in the subjective consciousness and popular imagination, the ‘border’ does not have a determinate explanation, but yet it invisibly shapes the meaning of both ‘I’ and ‘we’. The border, in instituting a boundary between us, obscures the other’s face, as well as the fate that we suffer in common.


This art project, based on research about the complicated contexts of national borders, is a comprehensive response to the social situation under the shadow of nationalism, as well as a reflection on the insidious and insistent influence of nationalism on policy, our social condition, political identity, social media, education, all the way up to the way we name ourselves, the language we speak and other features of our daily lives, so as to trace the trajectories of life in-between political borders. How does a life experience, cope with and confront the notion of being within national borders? Is it possible for a life to pursue its own path and assume an identity of its own, shaping something new from the complexity and diversity of social life? Can art practice aid us in re-evaluating the ways in which borders, nations, identities and individuals are thought and spoken about? Is it at all possible to re-think indigeneity and the bonds that root ‘us’ to national territory?


This project does not attempt to offer a conclusive answer to these questions, nor does it treat the exhibition as a definitive display of results. Rather, through a series of experimental endeavors- art practices, web publications, forums, workshops, screenings and exhibitions, this project will make a beginning of discussing the relationship between political borders and individual lives, so as to uncover possibilities of connection between lives divided by social structures. In this project, we will focus on microscopic narratives that offer a means to deconstruct grand political discourses, revealing the potentiality of life between their fractures. We are inviting artists, researchers, scholars and every person who bears a name for dialogue, reflection and re-connection.

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